How to Write an Introduction to the Class

Who are You?

One of the first things you will do in your new classroom is post to an introduction thread.   This introduction will be read by your classmates and your professor.

Your introduction is the first impression your class, including your professor, will have of who you are!

So, think it through carefully.  First of all, there may be a specific prompt that the thread has…Some ask what the last movie you saw was, or what your favorite song is, or have you read a good book lately.  These are to get you warmed up, but be sure and answer them.

Share who you are with the class.

Provide a limited amount of personal information.   You can mention that you are married, or not, have kids and how many, or don’t, love hiking or reading, have horses or cats. You can share any hobbies that you might have.  It’s nice to share at least the state or even the city/town that you live in.  Part of the fun is discovering how far away your classmates are or are not!

Don’t get too personal!

Do not include your home phone number or any private information in the public threads.  If you include a picture, make sure it is something your grandmother would be proud of showing her church group.

It’s a good idea to think what you are going to say ahead of time, so you won’t go blank when trying to decide what to share.

If you are taking an English class, don’t say you hate reading and writing.   It’s just a bad idea to share that with the teacher.  It is okay to say it’s a subject you have struggled with or that it’s not your favorite, but don’t say you hate your professor’s area of expertise.  It’s like telling someone her baby is ugly…It may be true, but you just don’t say so!  The same goes for math and math teachers.

Read your classmates’ introductions!

For one thing, they are usually interesting.  Some of them are even funny!  Also, if you have a chance to choose who to work with on a project, it gives you a better idea of who you might want to choose.    Reading everyone’s introduction helps the classroom feel like it’s full of people that you have met.  You may not know them well, but you are no longer in a room full of strangers.

 Who do you want to be?

Share your goals for the future, whether it is to buy a house, graduate from college, become a lawyer, move to California from New York or to Chattanooga from Fayetteville.    Share a enough of yourself to show who you are, where you want to go, and who you want to become.

So, who are you?  What are three things that are interesting about you that would help people get to know you?

Never stop learning!

Prof Aubuchon

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